An invaluable proofreading service if you need help with your spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as the general layout of your work.


What our editors will do:

Check spelling

Ensure that the spelling in your essay or dissertation is flawless.

Check punctuation

Ensure that all punctuation is used appropriately. Where necessary, punctuation will be added.

Check grammar

Ensure that your writing is grammatically correct.

Highlight all edits

Use 'Track Changes' so that all changes made will be shown in colour, allowing you to review every edit.

TYPE OF EDITINGProofreading PlusStylistic Edit
Consistency in terminology, italicization, etc.
Layout, font, number style, etc.
Sentence construction
Terminology/reference check
Suggestions for text with unclear meaning
Logic, relevance, clarity
Track Changes
Structure and style
Improvements to formality of language
Clarify arguments in writing
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