Ensure that the language, style and structure of your writing enhances the content of your work - instead of obscuring it.


What our editors will do:

Check spelling & grammar

Ensure that the spelling, punctuation and grammar of your work are immaculate throughout.

Improve clarity

Improve the choice of vocabulary and construction of sentences to ensure that your argument is completely clear.

Ensure logical flow

Ensure that your writing has a natural and logical flow from one sentence to the next.

Improve the presentation

Ensure that the layout and presentation of your work meet the highest standards.

Adjust tone of voice

Adjust the tone of voice to match the requirements of your audience. For example, publication in journals may require a formal style.

Highlight all edits

Use 'Track Changes' so that all changes made will be shown in colour in the text, allowing you to review every edit.

TYPE OF EDITINGProofreading PlusStylistic Edit
Consistency in terminology, italicization, etc.
Layout, font, number style, etc.
Sentence construction
Terminology/reference check
Suggestions for text with unclear meaning
Logic, relevance, clarity
Track Changes
Structure and style
Improvements to formality of language
Clarify arguments in writing
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