We are proud to have helped over 10,000 students since we began in 2007.

We're first-hand proofreaders.

We were students ourselves once, so we're well aware of the laborious nature of editing essays and proofreading dissertations and theses. Checking carefully for typographical errors and mistakes in grammar or punctuation can take as long as the writing process. Then there's the formatting… Having digested reams of academic material, we also know that at times, good ideas and clear thinking can be obscured by clumsy style, poor choice of words or awkward sentence construction.

We started Oxbridge Editing to cater for these two separate but related requirements:

  • To ease the stress and pain of proofreading essays, dissertations and theses.
  • To help those students and academics who aren't natural writers to communicate their ideas in good, clear, academic English.

You name it, we've done it.

We've proofread and edited assignments for students at all levels – from undergraduate to masters to post-doctoral – as well as professional academics. We've edited doctoral theses, dissertations, papers for journal publication, and even books.

We've assembled a highly skilled editorial team that covers all disciplines and subjects. Our editors have impeccable academic track records and years of experience in writing, editing and proofreading academic publications.

We also cater to commercial businesses, editing and proofreading websites, printed material, legal documentation and more.

Our door is always open.

We pride ourselves on being approachable, so you're welcome to visit us in our London office at any time. Or we're just a phone call away if seeing us in person isn't an option.
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