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Our team of UK-based academics are on hand to edit or proofread your essay, coursework, paper or report to the highest of standards in as little as six hours.

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How can our essay proofreading service help you?

Our essay editors will highlight and correct stylistic and structural errors in your work, elevating your essay from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

  • Remove or correct all spelling, grammar and punctuation errors
  • Improve visual elements including layout and fonts
  • Check for consistency in terminology
  • Our stylistic edit will also look at flow and structure, helping to refine your arguments and clarify standpoints
  • Fast turnaround times – ideal if you have an imminent deadline

Essay editing: here to help improve your work and boost your grade.

Maybe you want your essay to look more professional, or you'd just like the reassurance that comes with having a second opinion. Perhaps English isn’t your first language and you’d like feedback on your spelling and grammar from a UK native. Either way, we guarantee to proofread your essay or assignment to the highest of standards so you can feel completely confident in your submission.
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We like to have a clear understanding of your goals and what you want to achieve from our essay proofreading service.

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Based on your precise requirements, we will match you with an expert academic editor or essay proofreader and set them to work.

We deliver

You'll receive a professionally reviewed and edited document within the timeframe specified – this is typically around 1 day but can be as quick as 6 hours, depending on your deadline.

Why should I choose Oxbridge Editing to proofread my essay?


Our editors all have PhDs and years of professional essay proofreading experience. They'll work their knowledge and skill into your assignment.
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We're a small and friendly team of real people, based in a real office in central London. We're on hand to chat and answer any questions you have.
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There's often little time from finishing an assignment to needing it proofread; we can proofread and revise an entire essay in as little as six hours.
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Get access to some of the UK's most qualified academics for essay editing

When you use our essay proofreading service, you'll be matched with an expert academic who is qualified to PhD level, has studied at a world-renowned institution, and is experienced in your field of study, no matter how specialised it may be.

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A thorough editing service removing all errors and correcting superficial inconsistencies.

Treatment Features
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Layout, font, number style, etc.
  • Consistency in terminology, italicisation, etc.
  • Track Changes
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“Very good and prompt service. They are fantastic!”
Psychology, Kings College London
“Very good and prompt service. They are fantastic!”
Psychology, Kings College London

Frequently Asked Questions about Essay Editing and Proofreading

What is essay editing?
Essay editing consists of reviewing and refining the content of your essays to ensure clarity and coherence. Our expert editors will go through your essay carefully, making sure it is accurate, concise and error-free. We offer three distinct levels of editing: proofreading, stylistic editing and academic editing. Proofreading addresses errors and superficial inconsistencies. Stylistic editing, a more comprehensive option, includes proofreading and tackles substantial issues like structure, style, and sentence construction. Academic editing delves even deeper, elevating your work to its full potential: besides proofreading, our editors will improve technical terms, update referencing with newer sources, remove plagiarism and add charts or diagrams for a professional feel.
Can I come and speak to somebody in person about essay editing?
Should you have any questions about proofreading or editing your essays please do not hesitate to contact us. Our academic consultants are ready to discuss your requirements in further detail. If you wish to speak to somebody in person we can arrange a Zoom call. Simply fill out this form and let us know your preferences. Alternatively, reach out to us via email at [email protected], or on the phone at +44 (0) 207 391 9035. You can also connect with us on WhatsApp or through the Live Chat on our website.
Is essay editing allowed?
Yes, essay editing is a common and legitimate practice. Essay editing only involves a refinement of already-written content to improve its clarity, coherence, grammar, and overall quality. It is different from plagiarism, which consists of presenting someone else's work as your own. It's entirely acceptable to receive feedback and incorporate edits from others, provided that the final work authentically represents your own ideas and comprehension of the subject matter.
How long will it take to proofread or edit my essay?
Every proofreading and editing job we do is entirely bespoke, so we like to let our clients dictate the deadline. However, we usually advise allowing one day per 5,000 words that you would like to have proofread, and one day per 4,000 words that you would like to have stylistically edited. But, if needed, we can proofread in as little as six hours.
Can I speak to the essay editor I am matched with?
Of course. This is one of the upgrades we offer as part of our essay proofreading service to foster effective collaboration between you and your editor. Please notify us when placing your order if you wish to include this additional service. The call will last up to 30 minutes and you will have ample time to discuss the whole document with your editor.
How much does essay editing cost?
The cost of our essay proofreading or editing service can vary widely based on several factors, such as the level of editing treatment you require (simple formatting, proofreading, stylistic editing or academic editing), the length of your document and how quickly you need us to turn it around. The price you pay depends on the level of editing treatment you require, as well as the type of document, its length and its complexity. For an exact price, click here.

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