Upgrade to get your assignment marked by an expert academic.

Choose this upgrade and you'll get detailed, actionable marker feedback as well as an estimated grade, so you can improve and perfect your essay, dissertation or assignment before you submit it to your tutor.

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A simple and effective marking service to help you get an even better grade.

  • This is an optional upgrade available to add on when placing your order online.
  • Your marker will mark your work just as your tutor would, and will provide detailed feedback and critical analysis.
  • You'll get at least three detailed suggestions on how to improve your work before you submit it.
  • You'll also get two estimated grades: a current one and the grade you'll likely get once you implement the suggested changes.
  • You can upgrade your order to include a phone call with your editor so you can discuss the mark in detail together.

Connect with experienced markers specialising in your subject.

Once you place an order and upload your file, we'll carefully review your assignment details and match you with a marker who is ideally suited to you. He or she will have years of experience both in marking academic work and also in your subject of study, so you can feel confident you're getting the best academic knowledge injected into your work.
How much does it cost?

How it works

Order and upload

Give us your project details and upload your file when you place an order online - be sure to add the marking upgrade when ordering.

We match you with a marker

Based on your requirements, we will match you with an expert marker and set them to work on your project.

Your marker delivers

Download your marking report once it's ready, and begin implementing the recommendations so you can improve your work and your grades.

Additional order upgrades

In-line feedback

Get additional commentary and tips for improvement alongside the text of your document. This is particularly ideal for longer assignments or those with complex chapters.

Speak with your marker

Talk directly to the person who marked your work so you can review their feedback together and ask any questions you may have about improving the work further.

Extended alterations

You can extend the period during which you can request changes by your editor or marker to the work they delivered for you. Opt from 20 days to an unlimited time frame.

Types of document we can mark


Implementing the changes suggested by your marker could be the difference between grade boundaries.


Depending on your needs, we can mark individual chapters or your entire dissertation.


We accept all types of coursework for all subjects and disciplines, at every study level.


Run your work through our marking service so you can stand up tall in your next presentation.

PhD Theses

Having a professional mark your thesis can help you gain clarity on this notoriously complex document.

Exam Answers

Want to know what grade you may get in your next essay exam? Run your practice answers through our marking service.
“It's like a practice run for your assignments; it's so useful to see where you're going wrong before your tutor does!”
English Literature Undergraduate, Manchester
“It's like a practice run for your assignments; it's so useful to see where you're going wrong before your tutor does!”
English Literature Undergraduate, Manchester

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does marking cost?
The price you will pay for this upgrade depends on the type of document you have, its length and its complexity, and how quickly you would like us to mark it. For an exact price, click here and on the second page of the order form you will see your quoted price for marking.
Can I get my work marked without having it edited?
Whilst our marking service is usually a bolt-on to our editing service, yes you can just order marking without getting your work edited too. If this is something you're interested in, please get in touch with us directly and we can draw up a custom order for you.
Are your services confidential?
Yes, this is one of our guarantees. As a registered business, we are bound by the Data Protection Act and the latest GDPR guidelines. Your details are safe and secure, and we will never share your data or order information with any third parties.
How quickly can you mark my assignment?
How quickly we can turn around your work depends on its length and complexity, but for shorter assignments such as undergraduate essays, we can often have your work completed in as little as 6 hours. If you have a tight deadline, it's best to speak with us directly and let us know what you need, then we can give you an exact turnaround time.

We're here to help.

If you'd like to ask us anything about our marking service, available order upgrades, or any of our other services, we're available over the phone and by email.
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