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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will you charge for my project?
As we offer a bespoke service, we believe it is beneficial to review your completed document first, then provide you with a quote from a subject-specific editor. As every document is different, we strive to give each document a review first before we calculate a price. However, we have a minimum order value of £50.
My subject is very specialised. Are you sure you can help?
We are able to process approximately 98% of all orders that are placed with us. As part of the service we will review your document first before getting the order set up for you. This will then allow us to determine if we can take your order forward.
Who is the typical Oxbridge Editing customer?
Since initially offering our bespoke editing service over 11 years ago, we have evolved largely as a service and now assist students and organisations from across the globe. Be it an undergraduate student or a Multi National Corporation, we are happy to help you.
Can I come in and speak to somebody?
Absolutely. As the only editing company in London with an office you can visit, it would be our pleasure to discuss your requirements with you in further detail. Please book an appointment with us by filling in the contact form.
How long does proofreading/editing take?
As we offer a bespoke service we like to let our clients dictate the deadline. However, if you are not sure what is best, we would personally advise allowing one day per 5,000 words that you would like to have proofread, and one day per 4,000 words that you would like to have stylistically edited.
Does the word count include references and bibliography?
Yes, we calculate the word count based on your entire document. Many of our clients prefer to have the whole document proofread/edited as this ensures continuity throughout the document. If you do not want the references/bibliography to be reviewed, please remove these parts from the document or inform us that the editor should refrain from making any changes here.
Can I speak to the editor?
Yes, of course. This is one of the upgrades we offer as part of the bespoke service we provide. Please select this option when placing your order. The call will last up to 30 minutes so you can discuss the whole document.
Will my work and my details remain confidential?
Yes, this is one of our guarantees. As a registered business with an office in central London, we are bound by the Data Protection Act and the recent GDPR guidelines. If you would like to go one step further, please provide us with an NDA and our director will sign this for you.
Are all of your editors from Oxford & Cambridge?
Whilst the vast majority of our editors are Oxford and Cambridge educated, not all of them are former alumni from these two prestigious universities. When we initially offered this service over 11 years ago, all of our editors were Oxford and Cambridge educated. Since our business has grown and evolved, we now work with editors from the best universities across the world.
How do I make payment?
The most common way of making payment is to complete the transaction online using a secure invoice we will send you. However, we do offer other options such as paying over the phone, via bank transfer, or coming into the office to pay using card or cash.
Do you accept American Express?
No, we do not accept American Express.
Can I pay in instalments?
Yes, for any order over £800 we are able to offer you the option to pay 50% of the order before the editor gets started and then the second 50% once we have delivered half of the order to you.

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Please get in touch with one of our expert Academic Consultants who are available to answer any queries that you have.
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