The Oxbridge Editing Blog 9th October 2023

How to Use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes

9th October 2023
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Whether you’re a student collaborating on a group project or a professional working on a team document, the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word can be a game-changer. This powerful tool enables users to edit, review, and suggest changes to documents with ease. In this guide, we’ll explore how to use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature.

What is Track Changes?

Track Changes is a feature in Microsoft Word that allows multiple users to make edits, suggestions, and comments in a collaborative document. It tracks every modification made, making it easy to review and accept or reject changes.

Activating Track Changes:

1. Open Your Document: Start by opening the document you want to edit or review in Microsoft Word.

2. Turn on Track Changes: Click on the “Review” tab in the toolbar at the top of the screen. Locate the “Track Changes” button (it looks like a pen nib over a sheet of paper) and click on it. This action activates Track Changes, and any edits you make will now be tracked.

3. Editing with Track Changes: As you make edits to the document, Word will highlight your changes with a colour (usually red) and underline them. Deleted text is displayed with a strikethrough, and added text is underlined.

Reviewing Changes:

Now that you’ve made edits using Track Changes, it’s time to review them.

1. Accept or Reject Edits: To accept a change, right-click on it, and select “Accept Insertions” or “Accept Deletions” as appropriate. To reject a change, right-click and choose “Reject Insertions” or “Reject Deletions.”

2. Review Comments: Collaborators can add comments to the document. To view comments, click on the comment indicator in the margin. You can then reply to comments or resolve them.

3. Accept or Reject All Changes: If you want to accept or reject all changes in one go, go to the “Review” tab, click on the small arrow under “Accept” or “Reject,” and select “Accept All Changes” or “Reject All Changes.”

Customising Track Changes:

Word offers several customisation options for Track Changes.

1. Display Options: You can choose how changes are displayed, including the colour used for edits and whether you want to see the changes inline or in balloons in the margin.

2. Lock Tracking: If you want to prevent further edits from being tracked, you can click the “Lock Tracking” option in the Review tab.

3. Advanced Track Changes: In the Track Changes Options, you can configure settings like how comments are displayed and which types of changes are tracked.

Editing Made Easy

Mastering Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature is a valuable skill for efficient collaboration and document review. Whether you’re working on academic papers, reports, or creative writing, understanding how to use Track Changes effectively can save time and improve the quality of your documents.

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