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Glamorous Grammar: English Words of Chinese Origin

To mark the Chinese Year of the Monkey, we take a look at the perhaps surprising semantic influences this ancient civilisation has had on our own language.


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Welcome to Oxbridge Editing Blog

No matter how good your English, there will always be moments when a piece of grammar, punctuation or spelling needs extra consideration. It can be embarrassing to ask a friend for help with English when it feels like everyone else already knows the answers.

This blog will offer regular tips to help you improve your English language usage. If there is a particular problem that you can’t find the solution for – let us know. Are you worried about where you should insert that apostrophe? Is ‘–ize’ wrong and ‘–ise’ right? Are you splitting your infinitives and do you know how to stop? Whatever your writing query we want to help you find the solution.

As a leading provider of academic writing help we always want to know about the issues and problems that are giving our clients difficulty. So, let us know! Comment on articles to let us know what you’ve found useful. This blog aims to help you with all those writing problems, giving you new confidence when tackling your essays.

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