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Glamorous Grammar: English Words of Chinese Origin

To mark the Chinese Year of the Monkey, we take a look at the perhaps surprising semantic influences this ancient civilisation has had on our own language.

The Oxbridge Editing Guide To: ‘That’ vs ‘Who’

Can a person be a ‘that’, is your cat an ‘it’ or a ‘she’/‘he’, and can you talk about an inanimate object – a table, for instance – ‘whose’ legs have been scratched by the cat? We set the record straight.

Five Unexpected Etymological Couples

In recognition of Valentine's Day, join us in celebration of five unexpected couplings: words you won’t believe are related but which share an etymological heart. Awww.

Flip It and Reverse It: Words With Altered Meanings

Over time, meanings mutate, and everyday English is full of words which started life with a very different sense indeed. We take a look at some words whose meanings have wandered a long way from where they originated.

Glamorous Grammar: The Lexicon of the London Underground

With the latest round of tubes strikes due to reduce London to a standstill this month, we take a look at the origins of some of the most linguistically-interesting station names, to help while away your wait. This is a station announcement...
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