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What’s Your Point? Five Punctuation Marks You Never Knew Existed

You don’t think twice about using a full stop, comma, or question mark, but an asterism? Well, that’s a whole new story. Let’s take a look at some little known punctuation marks, for times when standard punctuation won't do (the pub quiz, perhaps…).

The Peculiar Names of Punctuation Marks

You can’t write without them, but have you ever thought about them – that is, about the peculiar names of punctuation marks and how they came to be so prominent in our prose?

The Oxbridge Editing Guide To: Exclamation Marks

The exclamation mark – or exclamation point, as it’s sometimes known – arguably holds the title for the most antagonistic piece of punctuation out there. Whether you're a misuser, overuser or abuser, here are some questions to ask yourself before hitting shift+1.

Go Go Grammar Rangers! How to Use Punctuation Marks Properly

Punctuation marks might look mini, but what they add to your prose is oh so mighty. As students the world over dust off their dictionaries and head back to the lecture hall, we thought we’d provide a refresher on some of the most important grammatical heroes to remember when writing and editing essays.

The Oxbridge Editing Guide To: Puzzling Punctuation Marks

Some punctuation marks are not as straightforward as others. To set the record straight, we take a look at some of the most popular punctuation that not everyone is sure how to use (so that you are).
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